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Phoenix, Arizona, Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Mark Werner

Phoenix, Arizona, family law attorney Mark Werner has been exclusively representing men, advocating for father’s rights and men’s rights in divorce and family law matters for over 15 years. Mr. Werner can help you develop a strategy, based upon proven techniques, to protect your relationship with your children and your financial position during and after divorce. Contact our firm online or call 480-283-0352, 602-234-3237, 623-561-7779 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Our law firm exclusively represents Men and Fathers in the Phoenix Arizona area – we help husbands and dads in divorce and family law matters in Maricopa and Pinal County.

Call our Phoenix law office at 480-283-0352, 602-234-3237, 623-561-7779 or contact us online for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your specific concerns.  We tell you what you NEED to know, not just what you want to hear.  

Mr. Werner will tell it to you straight.  He will give you the facts and tell you how he sees it based upon his 15 years of experience working esclusively with men.  He will lay out options and explain what is involved in those options to help you make informed decisions.  

Mr. Werner personally and aggressively works with clients to develop strategies to protect their rights as a parent, a wage earner, and a property owner. For information on your rights as a man or a father during family law proceedings, call the Law Office of Mark Werner in Phoenix at 480-283-0352, 602-234-3237, 623-561-7779.