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Phoenix, Arizona: Child Custody Rights for Fathers

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If you are a father you will never be involved in negotiations more important than those which govern the terms of your relationship with your children and affect your rights as a father. In Arizona, child custody rights for fathers are now, by law, equal to those of the children’s mothers. However, some Judges have a different opinion. At our Phoenix family law firm exclusively representing men and father’s rights, attorney Mark Werner focuses on representing fathers in child custody proceedings. As a divorce lawyer exclusively representing men and father’s rights, Mr. Werner has developed proven strategies over the past 12 years that effectively protect the rights of fathers in custody and parenting disputes.   Talk with Mr. Werner before moving out of your home or agreeing to temporary custody or visitation arrangements with the mother of your child, or children.   If you are thinking of a legal separation or divorce, before discussing any arrangement with your spouse, contact our Phoenix law office  for a FREE CONSULTATION. Men sometimes think it will be easier to agree to temporary arrangements while proceeding with divorce or separation. However, a judge will look at your behavior as an indication of the strength of your position regarding your access with your children.   In Family Court CONDUCT IS KING. Do not enter into any agreement that you do not want to be a permanent order of the Court. Any agreement you enter into is likely to be used as a pattern of conduct for a final divorce decree, or custody order.

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The courts prefer to see parents reach an agreement for joint legal custody (decision making), cooperating in making decisions together regarding religion, medical care, and education. A parent may be awarded sole legal custody (decision making) by a Judge, meaning all decisions regarding religion, medical care and education are made by that parent only.   Physical custody, which means where children reside, may be an equal and shared physical custody arrangement where a child’s time is evenly split between two homes, or an arrangement where the child resides with the primary custodial parent and the visitation schedule allows for parenting time with the non-custodial parent. A father has as much legal right as a mother to be the primary custodial parent. Some Judges need more persuasion than others to realize this. We have proven strategies that assist men and fathers in effectively exercising their rights to be considered equally in custody evaluations and decisions regarding custody and visitation.

Call for your FREE CONSULTATION Today.   Child custody issues can be incredibly challenging. Unfortunately, as a father, you may face an uphill battle to obtain a custody arrangement that provides your child with the safety and security they deserve, while ensuring that you play a key role in their life. Contact our office online or call 480-283-0352, 602-234-3237, 623-561-7779 for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your child custody concerns and learn how we can be of assistance.   Our law firm exclusively represents Men and Fathers in the Phoenix Arizona area – we help husbands and dads in divorce and family law matters in Maricopa and Pinal County. Call our Phoenix law office for Men and Father’s Rights.  Mr. Werner represents all clients personally and works to develop strategies to protect their rights as a parent, a wage earner, and a property owner.

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