Child Support

Arizona Father’s Rights: Child Support

We Are Here To Make Sure That You Get Credit for All the Child Support You Have Provided Since Your Separation or Divorce!

Arizona child support guidelines determine, with only a few exceptions, the amount of child support payments by considering the income of each parent, day care costs, medical and health insurance expenses, and the amount of parenting time/custody each parent has been awarded in the divorce decree. The information is entered on a parent’s worksheet for child support amount, and the support obligation is ordered by the court.

It is also important to note that the Arizona legislature is always considering changes that would greatly affect how child support is calculated. Mr. Werner monitors all legislative actions regarding family law. At the Law Office of Mark Werner in Phoenix, our founding attorney, Mark Werner, is here to advise you of these changes and how you can protect yourself, your rights and your income. We are solely committed to representing fathers and have the skill and knowledge needed to help you defend your rights throughout child support disputes.

You Should Avoid Making Cash Gifts, Mortgage Payments, or Providing Other Undocumented Child Support Payments

As a father, it is only natural for you to want your children to have the things you never did. However, at our Phoenix law firm, we have seen fathers penalized for their generosity in making cash gifts, mortgage payments, providing clothing, or other undocumented expenses.

In order for your contribution to the support of your child to be acknowledged by the Pinal or Maricopa County family court, it must be properly documented as a child support payment.

Post-Decree Modification of Child Support

The terms of child support outlined in a divorce decree are not final. Child support is modifiable at any time, based on a change of circumstances, for any reason. Children emancipating, a change of job, an addition of a child you support, and countless other factors can be a cause for modification of child support. Our child support lawyer will protect your financial welfare and your rights as a father in child support actions post-decree.

Do You Have to Pay Child Support if Your Ex-wife Is Interfering With Parenting Time?

Yes! Contrary to what you may have heard and/or believe Courts treat non-payment of child support and withholding children differently. The possible consequences of withholding child support include drivers’ license revocation, jail, garnished wages, and a 10% interest rate on unpaid support obligations. Be sure to contact a child support attorney exclusively representing men and father’s rights before withholding a payment. Your access to your child is not conditional upon your support, nor is your support conditional upon your access to your child. The two are mutually exclusive. These are separate issues that impact each other, and we will help you with legal strategy.

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