Division of Property and Debt

Arizona Community Property Division Attorney for Men and Father’s Rights

Phoenix Marital Assets and Debt Lawyer

When dividing assets and debts, our family law firm exclusively representing men and father’s rights in Phoenix, has found the most successful strategy is to take a businesslike approach to the dissolution of marriage. We have a proven team of experts such as accountants and financial analysts that assist us in creating a financial picture most favorable to our clients.  As an advocate of men in divorce, attorney Mark Werner will help you evaluate your situation, your assets, and protect your current and future financial status through strategies designed especially to protect men and father’s rights during divorce. If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION contact our office in Phoenix.

It is important to file a preliminary injunction as soon as you know you need a divorce.

Until your attorney files a preliminary injunction on your behalf your wife can continue to write checks from a joint account, sell property, and open and use charge accounts that will affect your credit for years to come. Once money is gone it can prove difficult to recover. Credit ratings can take years to restore.

What is community property and what is sole and separate?

Arizona is a community property state.  Any assets acquired during your marriage are community property unless they were specifically a gift or inheritance to one party. Even sole and separate property can become community property through co-mingling or transmutation, where ownership becomes unclear.

Property division attorney Mark Werner will help you identify each marital asset as either community or sole and separate property. If you are not sure whether a debt or an asset is part of your marital community property, call our Phoenix law firm exclusively representing men and father’s rights.

Items to consider include:

  • The family home
  • Automobiles
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • 401K, retirement, and pension accounts
  • Real estate
  • Personal property
  • Debt and credit card debt

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Mr. Werner personally and aggressively represents all clients and develops strategies to protect their rights as a parent, a wage earner, and a property owner.  Our law firm exclusively represents Men and Fathers in the Phoenix Arizona area – we help husbands and dads in divorce and family law matters in Maricopa and Pinal County. Call our Phoenix law office at 480-283-0352, 602-234-3237, 623-561-7779 or contact us online for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your concerns.