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We Help Fathers Fight the Damage of Parental Alienation

Following a contentious and emotionally heated divorce or breakup, it is all too common for one parent to attempt to alienate the children from the other parent. Unfortunately, these efforts can cause deep emotional trauma for the children, and can serve to rob them of a happy and safe childhood. If your ex wife or girlfriend has prevented you from interacting with your children, has spoken badly about you to the child or has caused the child to fear you, it is important to speak to an attorney about your legal rights and options.

At the Law Office of Mark Werner, our Arizona parental alienation attorney, Mark Werner, is committed to helping fathers protect their children from the emotional harm caused by parental alienation. Whether you are currently involved in a divorce case or have learned that your ex is attempting to alienate your children from you, we have the skills and knowledge needed to help you understand your rights and your options for ending parental alienation.

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation occurs when one parent attempts to turn the child or children against the other. This can occur in many ways, including:

  • Lying to the child about the father’s wishes to be involved in their lives
  • Making the children fear their father
  • Blocking access to your children

What are the long term impacts of parental alienation?

Parental alienation can have long term effects on a child. The psychological impacts are far reaching, and can lead to:

  • Distrust of the father and other men
  • Estrangement from either or both parents
  • Anger issues
  • Depression
  • Fear and anxiety

What can be done to stop parental alienation?

Arizona courts and judges act in the best interests of children during custody hearings. Unfortunately, the court or judge may not be aware of damaging parental alienation practices on the part of the mother. Bringing parental alienation to light can be the first step in ending the harmful practice, and ensuring that your children receive the care and love they deserve. Our staff will listen to your concerns regarding parental alienation, and will help you document your concerns in the detail needed to present your concerns to the judge. By helping you voice your concerns and demonstrate the actions of your ex, we work to help you end parental alienation and create a custody arrangement that provides a safe and happy childhood for your kids.

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