Arizona Paternity Rights Lawyer

Unmarried fathers’ paternity rights are not automatic, even when the Court has ordered support payments – Establish your rights immediately.

You may have been faithfully paying child support and spending parenting time with your child since birth, but you have no legal rights until they are established by a court order granting you legal decision making, custody, and parenting time. At our family law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, paternity rights lawyer Mark Werner exclusively represents men and father’s rights. As a father himself he will help you establish your right to participate in your child’s life. Contact our office for a FREE CONSULTATION about establishing paternity and establishing your father’s rights.

Unmarried Fathers’ Paternity Rights: Parenting Time, Custody, Relocation

Once you have established paternity and your rights to participate in decisions regarding religion, education, and medical care (legal custody), your right to parenting time, visitation or physical custody,  your child’s mother will not be allowed to dictate to you when you see your child, or relocate out of state without your agreement. Your parents will be able to develop a relationship with their grandchild. There is no investment you can make that has greater return than an investment in your relationship with your child. Contact our office in Phoenix, Arizona for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Avoid any informal support payments that are not documented.

You should avoid “helping the mother out” with any cash payments, loan payments on an automobile, or other undocumented support. We will help you arrange to have any support you provide toward your child’s care be properly credited so you are not exposed to future claims for back-payments of child support. An investment in an attorney who represents exclusively men and father’s rights now to establish your father’s rights can help you avoid paying child support arrearages or back child support that might amount to tens of thousands of dollars.


Mr. Werner personally and aggressively represents all clients and works to develop strategies to protect their rights as a parent, a wage earner, and a property owner.  Our law firm exclusively represents Men and Fathers in the Phoenix Arizona area.  We help husbands and dads in divorce and family law matters in Maricopa and Pinal County. Call our Phoenix law office at 480-283-0352, 602-234-3237, 623-561-7779 or contact us online for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your concerns. 

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